Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spaced Shell Shrug

So I've already shown you the pink and yellow shrug I made using Nettie's pattern.  Last time I was surprised by the size of the shrug, but this time I was prepared and used my larger gauge to my advantage and intentionally made this one adult sized.  For this one, I modified the pattern by using a completely different stitch for the body of the shrug: the Spaced Shell stitch.

Some modifications work better than others, and this would go into the 'others' category.  The shrug is the right size and fits, but it has no give in it.  Shell stitches generally do not stretch, so for the main part of a garment, shells are not appropriate.  I wish I had remembered that fact before beginning this shrug.  I can put it on fairly easily, but taking it off is much more difficult.  Each time I worry that I will either tear it or get stuck in it.  Neither has happened, but it is not comfortable. 

The next shrug I make I will use a more giving stitch, like the star stitch, or the star lattice stitch.  And I will make another, they are too useful and too quick not to make them.  Again, I learned a lot by experimenting with this. 

I made this using Simply Soft Dark Pine and a J hook.

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  1. Sarah!

    I want a picture of this ON you!!! Would you post one??? Also, I love the color :)