Friday, June 15, 2012

Simple Shrug by Nettie

So, my friend Nettie has designed a shrug, ostensibly for toddlers and girls, that is easily adaptable for adults.  It is elegantly simple, and thus easy to modify.  It has a really clever design that makes it easy to work with.  I tried out her pattern, using the 6T size, and it ended up being big enough for me to wear.  The moral of the story is: pay attention to gauge! 

In any case, I now possess a bright pink and yellow shrug that I will likely never wear, but I learned a lot from the construction.  Had I made it the correct size, it would be perfect for a little girl.  I modified the pattern a little bit even on this first one because I was running out of yarn.  I made the bottom the same as the top when I added the collar.  I ended up using every inch of the pink yarn that I own, just finishing it with adjustment, so no scraps left! 

Today, I started making one, intentionally for myself this time, out of a dark green color that I will actually wear.  It's based on her pattern, but uses different stitches.  This pattern is great because it is so adaptable.  Anyway, she's selling this pattern at her etsy store, and I think it's worth the money because it makes shrug making simple instead of a nightmare.  She calls it a 'Girl's Summer Shrug' and has pictures of her daughter B actually wearing it. 

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