Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Almost there: Stitch Twenty-Nine

I have been looking forward to this stitch and it did not disappoint. It consists of shells and a lattice structure that gives it a nice mix of lace and strength.  It looks a little bit lacy, but there is a definite place to do each portion of the stitch which makes it more defined.  There is no ambiguity in the stitch so it doesn't require a lot of attention.  I could see using this stitch again for an afghan or another baby blanket.  It grows reasonably fast, there is a row of sc in the pattern but overall it is not tediously slow.  It is also a forgiving stitch, it is easy to mask mistakes in this pattern.  

So here's how to make it:
Chain 92, then work the stitch until work is square.  Add the standard border to finish it.
Round 1: sc around, 3 sc in corner
Round 2: dc around, 5 dc in corner
Round 3: sc around, 3 sc in corner
Round 4: (sc, ch 3, sk 1) around, (sc, ch 3, sc in same stitch) at corner

I made this using Bernat Baby Sport Funny Prints yarn with a J hook.

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  1. That's pretty. I like the border on it, gives the main part definition. :)