Monday, January 16, 2012

Bumpy Dishcloths

 If you're wanting to make a quick, inexpensive gift, dishcloths are an option.  Patterns for dishcloths abound.  I designed this one using triple crochet (tc) stitches to give it texture, which can help with scrubbing. The corner loop allows you to hang them.

These were made using Sugar and Cream twists cotton yarn with a J hook.  When finished they measure 11" x 11".  After
washing they shrink to being
10" x 10". 

Here's the pattern:

Ch 28
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across, ch 1, turn
Row 2: sc, (tc, sc) x 13, ch 1, turn
Row 3: sc across, ch 1, turn
Row 4: sc, sc, (tc, sc) x 12, sc, ch 1 turn
Row 5: sc across, ch 1, turn
Repeat Rows 2-5  six times, so that there are 12 rows of bumps. 

Round 1: sc around with 3 sc in each corner
Round 2: sc around with 3 sc in each corner
Loop: at final corner, sc, ch 18 tightly, sc in same corner, slip stitch and fasten off.

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