Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stitch 28 Revisited

Now that I'm done trying out the stitches from the Triple Play Pattern Stitches Book, I get to use them (or not) as I see fit.  So, I decided to make another baby blanket using stitch 28.  When I was making baby blankets from these stitches previously, the purpose was to showcase the stitch.  As such, it didn't make sense to use a dramatically variegated yarn, so I've been left with a lot of variegated baby yarn in my stash.  I made this blanket in an attempt to crochet down my stash.

I made it exactly the same as the stitch 28 baby blanket I made previously.  Here's the pattern:

Chain 91, then work the stitch until work is square.  Add the standard border and you're done.
Round 1: sc around, 3 sc in each corner
Round 2: dc around, 5 dc in each corner
Round 3: sc around, 3 sc in each corner
Round 4: (sc, ch 3, sk 1) around, (sc, ch 3, sc in same stitch) at corner

I made this using Baby Bee Sweet Delight Lullaby with a J hook.

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  1. Hey Sarah, I like how it turned out with the variegated yarn! Really pretty. :)