Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Next in line: Stitch Seven!

I found this stitch to be tedious and somewhat time consuming.  I do not intend to ever use this stitch again for anything.  That said, it was not a particularly difficult stitch.  The general effect of this stitch is to create soft cables throughout the fabric.  With some modification, I'd like the stitch better.  The point, however, of this blog is to actually do the stitch as written.  Looking at the finished product, I like the effect of slight cabling, but I would accomplish it with different post stitches in the future.  (Cables are generally made with post stitches.) 

As with most cables, the stitch looks different form each side.  A close up of the cable is shown from the back and then the front sides below.  The front side of the cable is shown in the more panned back photo.

The color pattern I used was 1 row of blue/green followed by 2 rows of orange, (2 rows of blue/green, 2 rows of orange) repeated, and ended with 1 row of blue/green.

So here's how to make it:
Ch 91, then work the stitch until work is square.  Then add this border:
Round 1: sc around, 3 sc in each corner (orange)
Round 2: dc around, 3 sc in each corner (orange)
Round 3: dc around, 3 sc in each corner (blue/green)
Round 4: dc around, 3 sc in each corner (orange)
Round 5: (sc, ch 3, sk 1) around, (sc, ch 3, sc in same stitch) at corner (blue/green)

I made this using Bernat Baby Peach Blossom (orange) and Funny Prints (blue/green) yarn with a  J hook.

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