Sunday, September 2, 2012

Manly Scarf

Making anything for a guy is generally a challenge.  The art of crochet does not lend itself to masculinity, in general.  I think I've managed to make a scarf a guy would like and would actually wear.  It's a very simple pattern and would look good in a variety of color combinations.  If you look closely, you can see the long stitches running the length of the scarf.  This particular scarf is for a Cleveland Browns fan.

Color Pattern:
7 rows orange, (7 rows brown, 7 rows orange) repeated.  With 17 total blocks, the scarf measured 77" long.

Here's the pattern:
Chain 19, then work stitch 21.

I made this with I Love this Yarn in Brown and Orange with a J hook.


  1. Are the stitches foe the scarf single crochet or double crochet?

    1. I can't post the actual stitch pattern because it's copyrighted material. However, I highly recommend the book. Details can be found at